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"Moonpass is a very exciting project that can add tremendous value to the scientific community. Additionally, it can revolutionize how everyone in web3 will go about analyzing projects. I have full confidence that the team has the perfect skill for this and is building something extremely valuable."

JosΓ© Parra-Moyano, Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Forbes 30u30

How it works

Moonpass collects and analyzes every piece of information on a given web3 project in real-time to surface the signal from the noise

Sourcing data from all relevant platforms

We collect and curate data on projects from all relevant platforms: Twitter, Discord, GitHub, Podcasts, YouTube, Newsletter, Blog Posts, Whitepapers, and much more

Filtering out the right information with AI

The moonpass AI analyzes all of the collected data to single out the useful information as well as recognize trends and patterns that have predictive power

Creating relative comparisons

We cluster similar projects so users can compare them within peer groups and make better decisions

We bring transparency to web3

So you can make better decisions.

Find out what the community thinks of the project

Get a high-level overview of how the sentiment around the project developed and drill down to read for yourself what the bulls and the bears are saying

Compare the project to its peers

Make sense of the project's data by comparing it to the relevant peer group and understand if it is performing good or bad relative to its peers

Never miss anything important

Monitor the projects you are involved with and never miss anything that is happening on Twitter, Discord, or any other platform


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Check out our case studies

gm-index of top Discords

We analyzed how often a community used gm in their main Discord channels to judge their engagement levels

Discord and token price

We built an AI model to dig through the noise of the largest Discords and see if there is a correlation between token price and gm count

Star Atlas deep dive

We made a deep dive into the star atlas ecosystem to answer the questions what is the project about? and what do people think of it?

Luna community analysis

We analyzed how whether the Luna community is also falling apart after $LUNA and $UST crashed

The Team

Daniel Partida

Co-founder and CTO

Moritz Gessl

Co-founder and CEO

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