Get an edge by leveraging off-chain data

Moonpass provides a completely new foundation to make investment decisions by distilling actionable insights from millions of daily messages, tweets and news articles

Trusted by the best

“Allowing investors to leverage off-chain data is a great compliment to Nansens on-chain data"

Mayank Sharma

Design Lead

“Moonpass can revolutionize how everyone in web3 will go about analyzing projects.”

José Parra-Moyano


“Moonpass consolidates a vast amount of data and makes it actionable for everyone.”

Rizvi Haider

Product Owner

How it works

Mining data from the whole internet

We mine and index millions of data points from all over the internet daily

Surfacing insights through advanced AI

The moonpass AI makes sense of all the collected data by surfacing insights and patterns

Creating actionable insights

Actionable insights are displayed on the moonpass terminal

Latest research

Is the community of Terra Luna collapsing?

We analyzed how whether the Luna community is also falling apart after $LUNA and $UST crashed

2022-05-10moonpass team

STEPN Deep-Dive: Getting Paid to Run?!

Analysis of the popular move-to-earn app STEPN where people earn money by going jogging

2022-05-30moonpass team

Star Atlas Deep-Dive: Getting Paid to Play Video Games?!

We made a deep dive into the star atlas ecosystem to answer the questions what is the project about? and what do people think of it?

2022-05-11moonpass team

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Features that get you an edge

Sentiment analysis

Understand how bullish or bearish the community around a project is

Relative benchmarking

Compare projects with each other to find the strongest projects

Expert voices

Hear what people with a proven track record are saying about a project

Predictive indicators

Find patterns and insights in off-chain data to predict price

Customized dashboards

Build your personal dashboards and reports

Reputation building

Share dashboards and reports with community to gain reputation

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts via mail, telegram, or slack

API access

Leverage the API to build on top of moonpass data

A completely new foundation to make investment decisions

Understand the community strength of a project

Get a feeling for how strong the community around a project is and whether they are feeling bullish or bearish

Benchmark projects against its peers

Make sense of the project's data by comparing it to its peer group to understand if it is over or underperforming

Never miss an opportunity

Monitor the projects you are involved with and never miss anything that is happening on Twitter, Discord, Reddit, or any other platform

See trends before they happen

Examples of what we predicted: Terra Luna crash, SEPN frenzy, Play to earn turbulence

Join 1000's of other investors

The Team

Daniel Partida

Co-founder and CTO Worked as a quant in a hedge fund building AI-driven crypto portfolios and has years of experience shipping AI products

Moritz Gessl

Co-founder and CEO Previously co-founded a crypto startup, worked at a company builder, and is actively contributing to DAOs

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